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Warm Up This Winter: Gather Around the Fire


Adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can create a comfortable place to gather together as a family or to entertain outdoors. These fire features add light and heat while creating an interactive experience that really enhances your time spent outdoors. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits both add the appeal of fire to your space, but each offers its own unique experience.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are usually placed in an area where you can sit directly in front of the structure (as opposed to around it). This type of fire feature makes an architectural statement and usually takes up minimal space on your patio by being built on the edge. This is a great way to create ambiance, anchor your outdoor living room, block winds, and provide privacy from your neighbors. In addition to being a beautiful architectural statement, outdoor fireplaces are a bit more elegant than fire pits in that smoke is directed up and out of their chimneys.

Fire Pits

Similar to a campfire, fire pits are often gathered around. They are more interactive structures because you can move completely around them and create seating on all sides. If you think of roasting s’mores and having conversations around a fire, you are probably interested in the interactive experience of a fire pit.

Atlanta Porch & Patio Can Create Your Ultimate Outdoor Space

A fire feature adds warmth and creates a destination where you can extend your patio season, which means even more special time with loved ones and more memories being made. Regardless of whether you choose to add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to your outdoor space, be sure to partner with a firm that has extensive design and building experience—Atlanta Porch & Patio. We can help you make the best decision for your style and space by considering a variety of factors and details such as existing structures like pergolas or pools and any additional surrounding landscape elements which may affect your choice on where and how to integrate a fire feature. We will answer any questions about fireplaces and fire pits that you may have and you can rest easy knowing that you have partnered with a firm that has designed and built a variety of custom fireplaces and fire pits to suit each client’s wants and needs. Incorporate a timeless fire feature to enhance your outdoor spaces…contact us today!