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Upgrading Your Existing Deck into Your Dream Deck in 2021

Is your deck neglected because it’s too small, not versatile enough, or has fallen into disrepair? If so, then it is time to upgrade this outdoor space to suit your lifestyle. Ask yourself what you would like to use this area for. Would you like to do more grilling or outdoor dining? You may want to add an outdoor kitchen. Do you wish you had more shade during the summer? You may want to add a pergola. Do you need protection from insects and a layer of privacy from your neighbors? You may want to screen this area. By taking time to think of how you would like to ultimately use this space, you can more easily determine the upgrades you’d like to add to your deck.


Over/Under: Your Deck’s Forgotten Spaces

Overhead structures like pergolas add varying degrees of shade while allowing heat and smoke to escape from cooking and grilling areas. They are also the perfect base for hanging lights, fans, and decorations. If your deck is raised to meet a second-story, the shaded space beneath the deck can be transformed into an additional open living space or can be enclosed to create a storage area for lawn furniture, outdoor toys, sports equipment, cushions, pool covers, lumber, bikes, tools, and other items.


Screens: Enclosed But Open and Airy

Screening all or part of your deck can protect the space from buzzing insects and larger nuisance animals like squirrels and raccoons. Screens can also protect your outdoor furniture and other belongings from exposure to the elements, meaning you won’t have to bring your furniture indoors during colder weather. The opaqueness of screens can simultaneously maintain an open and airy feel and also add a level of privacy by blocking out views of neighbors, passersby, and neighboring yards.


Redecking: Facelift for Stable Substructures

If you are going to change the shape of your deck or add to it you should probably build new, but if your deck’s substructure is in good shape and up to code, you may want to consider redecking (adding low-maintenance composite boards over existing deck framing, posts and footers) to upgrade its look and decrease the amount of necessary maintenance. Composite decking never has to be stained or sealed and lasts three times longer than wood decking.


Upgrade Your Deck in 2021—Call Atlanta Porch & Patio Today!

At Atlanta Porch & Patio we are always on top of the latest deck trends and design ideas. When redecking we always ensure your existing deck frame is up to code because if your deck’s initial build has deteriorated, redecking is not a safe option. Also remember that just because you are starting with your deck, doesn’t mean you have to stick with only upgrading that structure. Our clients love our deck/patio and deck/porch combination projects. We can’t wait to hear about the ideas you have for your space. Call 678-398-7077 or contact us through our online form to discuss your deck upgrade project today!