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The Dangers of Water Damage to Your Wood Decks

Water in your yard or on your hardscape and outdoor structures may seem harmless, but it can slowly cause damage. You may notice a small puddle on your deck one day and the next day it’s gone. Day after day and week after week this could be happening but you don’t pay much attention. Unfortunately, those puddles of water are attracting debris and chemicals, and then soaking into your deck’s wood. Even covered decks are at risk from overnight condensation and morning dew. Atlanta has had a very rainy winter this year, which means your beautiful wood deck could be severely damaged. Take some time today to examine your structure before the spring season.



Pay close attention to the areas where your deck is attached to your home to identify and prevent potential problems before they arise or in the early stages. As for the deck structure itself, look for:

  • Rot: Give your structure a good shake. Rot may not be able to be seen because it begins on the inside where moisture has been allowed to collect over time. Rotten wood is extremely weak, meaning your supposed load bearing structure will move and shake.
  • Cracking: Dirt and water settle in the tiniest cracks of wood. These cracks then expand, widen, and eventually split the wood.
  • Mold and mildew: Any collection of moisture will lead to unsightly mold and mildew which will destroy your wood and create a slippery surface.
  • Pests: Pests are attracted to the bacteria growing in your deck’s wet crevices. They hide in the wet wood, eating the wood that has been unaffected by moisture, degrading your deck’s wood and entire structure.



Don’t let your natural wood deck slowly succumb to nature’s damaging effects. Treated surfaces are much easier to keep clean and they will maintain their appearance longer. Waterproof, reseal, or add UV protectant finishes to help preserve your deck and extend its life. Not sure if your deck needs resealing? Look to see if the water on your deck beads up or soaks in? If it beads up, your deck is protected. If it soaks in, it is time for a new sealant (usually every couple of years).


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