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Take Your Backyard Barbecue to the Next Level With Your New Outdoor Kitchen

Do you love spending every possible second in your backyard? From small family get togethers to block party barbecues, outdoor kitchens have gotten much more elaborate over the last few years. Here are a few of the hottest trends you’ll want to integrate into your new or updated outdoor space to truly take it to the next level.


Now You’re Cooking: Grills, Stoves, and Ovens

If you’re serious about your outdoor cooking options, you’ll want to add a variety of these:

  • Grills: gas for quick cooking, charcoal for a traditional smoky barbecue, and ceramic Kamado-style for slow cooking. Side burners are great additions that allow you to boil water or cook a side dish alongside the main dish on your grill.
  • Traditional Stovetop: A traditional stovetop built into your outdoor kitchen’s counters will offer additional flexibility with your food preparation.
  • Pizza Oven: A pizza oven might not be a conventional appliance option but it’s a fun treat that can be used year round.


Keep Your Cool: Refrigerators, Freezers, and Ice Makers

Running between your indoor kitchen’s refrigerator and your outdoor kitchen is not easy or convenient. Adding an outdoor-rated refrigerator means you’ll always have everything you need right at your fingertips. Free up space in your indoor fridge by keeping it stocked with all your barbecue’s necessary condiments, foods you plan to grill, and cool drinks. Adding a fridge/freezer combo means popsicles and other frozen summer treats are instantly accessible by kids (and adults) without heading indoors. If you will be entertaining in your outdoor kitchen, an ice maker is essential. Ice melts quick in ice buckets and coolers full of ice scattered around your space become an eyesore and tripping hazard. Ice makers are a feature you won’t use everyday but will be so thankful to have when you need to keep drinks cool during a scorching summer day.


Functionality and Storage

You’ll want to consider every detail of your outdoor kitchen to increase its functionality and maximize storage. An island adds counter space for food prep, a space for a sink and stovetop, and a place for everyone to gather. High-quality exterior kitchen cabinets, drawers, and retractable refuse and recycling bins make cookware and tool access, food prep, and cleanup easy. Integrating these details into your design plan will increase the functionality of your outdoor kitchen.


Partner with Atlanta Porch & Patio to Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re planning on adding a new outdoor kitchen or are looking to update your existing space, partner with the best design and build company—Atlanta Porch & Patio. Our mission is to turn our clients’ ideas, dreams, and visions into personalized, tangible outcomes to enjoy for years to come. We can customize your space to create a beautiful backyard oasis you and your family will never want to leave. Call us at 678-379-4225 or use our online form to discuss your project today.