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Sunrooms: A Bright Idea for a Home Addition

It’s springtime in Georgia, and if there’s one thing that we Georgians all love, it’s the sun and warmth that comes to take place of the freezing temps we’ve been feeling for the last few months. In addition, Georgians also love to get outdoors to take in all the newness and blooming splendor that spring’s fresh life brings.


Spring is also a great time for home improvement projects and upgrades – both large and small – around the house. One great way Georgia homeowners can combine their loves for sun, warmth, and the outdoors into a home improvement project that adds beauty and value is by adding a sunroom.


A typical sunroom incorporates large glass panels or windows to allow ample sunlight and natural light to flood the room from all directions. The result is a bright, open, and airy living space that makes for a perfectly unique spot in which to gather with friends and family, whether the sun’s out or not. Usually an addition to the front or side of a house, a sunroom serves as a great place to hang when the weather outside is too hot, cold, or wet, and doesn’t bode well for being outdoors.


In addition to the unique space and all the fun and functionality that a sunroom offers, it also offers homeowners a great, relatively inexpensive way to add to their home’s equity and resale value, depending on the style of sunroom they choose. A licensed home renovation contractor can walk you through the different options available to you when it comes to building a sunroom in a relatively mild climate like Georgia. They can fully explain the differences between three and four-season sunrooms, as well as solariums and conservatories, and how each can affect your budget, project timetable, and how each might be best suited to the way you intend to use it.


Call on an Experienced Contractor

One of the most important things to remember, however, is to call on the services of an experienced home improvement and remodeling contractor who specializes in sunrooms and other similar additions. Rely on reviews from satisfied customers and photos of previous projects to get a better overall feel for the contractor in mind and the level of quality that their work exudes.


At Atlanta Porch & Patio, we understand that your home isn’t just the most expensive purchase you will ever make in your life, but that your home is also the place where your most precious memories are made, with the people who also happen to matter the most to you in your life. Because we understand that’s not to be taken lightly, we deliver the ultimate professional experience every step of the way. Our experts at Atlanta Porch & Patio will consult with you first to address all your needs and concerns before designing and creating a dream space that’s as unique and spectacular as you.


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