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Staycation Style: Resort-Inspired Backyard Retreats

Does your backyard offer a space to relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself? Imagine stepping out your back door and being transported to a luxurious resort-style retreat. By incorporating a few thoughtful design elements such as soft lighting, calming sounds, and inviting relaxation areas, you can transform your previously basic backyard into your own private vacation spot.


Clear the Chaos: Start with a Clean Slate

A cluttered yard can appear chaotic and overwhelming, hardly a place of rest and relaxation. Clear your yard of outdated and broken furniture, unused play equipment, and overgrown greenery to create a clean slate. This will allow you to more easily envision and analyze what sort of layout might work best for your space.


Views: What to Embrace and What to Block

If your backyard has a beautiful view, the last thing you want to do is design your space in a manner that blocks it. Opt for landscaping and furniture that frames this natural beauty and highlights your scenery. If your backyard overlooks a less than pleasant spot or you need to add a level of privacy to your space, you will want to add carefully placed fences, walls or screens to add a layer of seclusion.


Comfortable Seating for Sitting and Lounging

Resorts offer multiple comfortable seating options for their guests to kick back and relax. Opt for deep seated chairs, comfortable loungers, and furniture that beckons you to enjoy your outdoor space. Hammocks are a resort staple and a great way to create a stress-relieving spot for reading, napping, or simply swaying in the breeze.


Add Fire Features for Cozy, Late Night Lounging

Fire pits, fireplaces, chiminea, and other fire features add warmth and a cozy, comforting ambience to any outdoor space. As the evenings get cooler and the days get shorter you can stay outside enjoying your own private oasis.


Add Water Features for Calming Sights and Sounds

The sound of water has a calming, restorative effect. Think of how the sound of waves crashing on the beach wash your stress away. Bring that effect to your backyard by installing a water feature such as a fountain or garden pond. Different options can also be installed to drown out the sound of noisy neighbors, busy roads, and loud A/C units.


Extend the Evening with Multiple Lighting Styles

Resorts add layers of outdoor lighting to make their spaces accessible at all hours. Add permanent outdoor solar and LED overall, task, and accent lighting to create the perfect glow so you can squeeze every minute out of your staycation.


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