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Rethink Your Patio Floor

Don’t overlook what will be underfoot! Start with a solid foundation and build your dream patio today!

Concrete Slabs and Pavers

You can create a variety of patio designs with concrete. From classic to modern, it is perfect for spaces where you want a custom look with crisply defined edges. Concrete slabs are inexpensive, low-maintenance, and can be poured with sections left open for plantings and garden features. However, cracking is difficult to repair. Concrete pavers are also low-maintenance and come in a wide variety of designs from brick to flagstone, and are easier to repair than concrete slabs. Concrete can also be made to resemble stone, bricks, or other higher-end materials with staining and stamping.

Traditional Wood Decking

Wood never goes out of style, making traditional wood decking a classic and comfortable choice that fits almost any design style. Wood is a great material for your patio if it will be receiving a lot of direct sunlight, since it does not retain heat like some other materials. While initially a lower initial investment cost than other materials, wood decking requires cleaning and sealing treatments every one to two years to protect against termites and wood rot. These maintenance costs make wood a pricier choice in the long run.

Composite Wood Decking

Composite wood decking gives you the gorgeous, realistic look of traditional wood without the maintenance challenges—simply use soap and water when your composite wood decking gets dirty. Choosing composite decking over traditional wood decking will literally save you thousands of dollars over its lifetime. One the downside, it does retain more heat than traditional wood, but you can reduce this heat by choosing a lighter color for areas exposed to direct sun.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are available in a variety of colors and can be installed in a number of patterns (basketweave, herringbone, circular) to create a one-of-a-kind low-maintenance look. On the plus side, brick is relatively slip-resistant and holds up well to long term outdoor foot traffic. On the negative side, if you don’t keep them sealed properly, naturally porous bricks can retain water, leading to mold and mildew. As for cost, brick is one of the more initially expensive patio flooring options. However, if installed correctly and regularly sealed, it will last you until you choose to destroy it yourself.

Natural Stone Slabs and Tiles

Once installed, natural stone is extremely durable and almost maintenance-free. Natural stone slabs and tiles are often expensive and installation is labor-intensive. To be more budget- and eco-friendly, choose local stone from your region (such as fieldstone in the south).

Porcelain and Ceramic tiles

Porcelain and ceramic exterior tiles can give you a natural stone look, at a more budget friendly price point. However, these tiles can be extremely slippery (not ideal for areas near water) and they are not always durable in harsh environments, especially cold.

Atlanta Porch & Patio Can Handle All Your Patio Flooring Needs

You’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of each patio flooring option to choose what fits your space, style, and budget. To make your choices easier and tie your patio flooring into the bigger picture of your outdoor space, contactthe professional design/build teamat Atlanta Porch & Patio today!