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Porches: What’s Your Style?

Porches bridge the gap between your home’s interior and the outside world, but not all porches are created equal. Some are designed for relaxation while others are for entertaining and greeting guests.

Front and Back Porches

The front porch is the most traditional type of porch. It creates a welcoming entry point for guests and often serves as a casual social gathering space. Generally more informal than a front porch, a back porch often connects to a kitchen, garden, or mudroom. Back porches may capitalize on nearby views or simply offer a viewing spot for watching children and pets play in the backyard.

Screened and Sleeping Porches

Screened porches featuring mesh, aluminum, or fabric screens provide a comfortable seating area while protecting users from insects, debris, or harsh sunlight. A specific type of screened in porch that has been making a comeback in recent years is the sleeping porch. A sleeping porch is a secluded room, often on the second story of a home, meant to be used only by the home’s inhabitants.These spaces were the only way to experience a cool night’s sleep free from mosquitoes and other bugs before the invention of air conditioning. Sleeping porches reached the height of their popularity in the early 1900s, when health experts touted the benefits of fresh air for a variety of health problems, including the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis. They are currently being embraced again by homeowners looking to unplug from their electronics-filled lives and unwind to the sounds of nature.

The Modern Porch

Modern porches keep out bugs, debris, and rain; but they’ve also become extensions of homes. While the basis and appeal of porches has not changed much over the decades, a few functional and aesthetic updates have been made to make these spaces more beautiful, safe, and enjoyable. Durable materials (i.e. brick, fiber cement siding) and insect-, rot-, and mold-resistant flooring are two common ways porches are being modernized. Porches also now include more multicolor palettes, bolder architectural columns, and amenities like fireplaces, televisions, ceiling fans, audio systems, and motorized screens.

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