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Make Your Home a Front-Runner with a Beautiful Front Porch

If there’s anything regarding home improvement that we can take away from the last couple years, it’s that homeowners have not only had plenty of time to stay at home, but they’ve also had to figure out new ways to use the space they have.


In some cases, that may have included creating and cultivating an outdoor space in the backyard to extend their livable space. Whether it’s on a back deck or patio, more and more homeowners and their families have taken to the backyard for dining, hanging out, and maybe the occasional Zoom call. While the backyard is the perfect place to unwind and gather, a lot of homeowners tend to overlook the very first part of the house that everybody sees.


The front porch.


Whether you’re considering adding a front porch to your home or looking to renovate and upgrade the porch you have now, there are plenty of great reasons to do so. More than just an entryway, your front porch is not only a place for you to relax and unwind when nobody else is around, but it’s also a great place to entertain and socialize with family, friends, and neighbors who come to visit. A front porch also serves as a wonderful spot from which to sit and keep an eye on the kids as they play in the front yard and driveway.


Curb Appeal

By default, a front porch is usually one of the first things someone is bound to notice about your home. While the mere existence of a front porch is a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home, a professional porch designer can also further enhance the curb appeal by incorporating key design elements such as flower boxes, decorative railing, and other such items into the porch design. The sky is the limit when it comes to enhancing your front porch for maximum curb appeal.


Property Value

No longer a bygone element of a house, front porches are in-demand, partly due to their nostalgic flavor, but also because it makes the house more attractive if you should decide to sell. Certain variables can also affect the value a front porch brings. A covered porch or screened-in porch are great value additions for regions where seasonal rain or insects are present. A front porch can be used year-round in Georgia, with an accompanying outdoor propane heater for added comfort.


Many Styles to Choose From

No matter if it’s a brand-new front porch that you need, or renovation of an existing one, Atlanta Porch & Patio can help you navigate your way from start to finish. Atlanta’s premier one-stop contractor for planning, designing, and building extraordinary outdoor spaces, Atlanta Porch & Patio can even help you when you don’t even know what you want! We’ll start by listening to your needs and creating a comprehensive design that not only seeks to make the most of your existing space, but a design that considers how you plan to use it.


For a FREE phone or email consultation, contact one of our helpful and experienced planners to discuss your front porch project today!