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Made in the Shade: Gazebos

Adding a decorative and functional gazebo to your garden, patio, or outdoor living area provides you, your family, and friends with the perfect place to relax and unwind. These round or octagonal stand-alone structures have a closed roof and floor with open sides, or walls with windows that offer protection from the elements while also strengthening the structure. As larger structures, gazebos leave less usable ground space but offer more interior use for dining, relaxing, and gathering.


Protection from Sun and Harsh Weather

Gazebos provide excellent shade from the blazing summer sun. You can relax all day long without worrying about reapplying your sunscreen or melting from direct sun rays. The protective roof also provides shelter from the rain and other harsh weather.


Screens Provide Privacy and Protection from Insects

Are you tired of being bitten by mosquitos when you are trying to relax or flies buzzing around your outdoor dinner spread? Adding screens to your gazebo will give it the ability to be closed off from the outdoors, protecting everyone inside from insects. Adding screens also provides privacy from other family members and nosy neighbors, making your gazebo the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a summer barbecue. Screens will also protect your outdoor area from leaves and debris flying into your space on windy days or stormy nights, meaning less maintenance and clean up.


Multiple Material Choices

The durability of your gazebo is directly tied to its construction material. Gazebos can be constructed from wood, canvas, vinyl, or metal. Traditional wood gazebos are beautiful and also strong enough to stand up against heavy winds and snow loads—but not all wood gazebos are the same. Softwoods require the most maintenance and have the shortest lifespan while teak and exotic hardwoods will last longer. Vinyl is also a popular choice due to its price, durability (almost twice the lifespan of wood), and ability to create the same complex shapes as wood gazebos.


Add Resale Value to Your Home

As an integral part of your home’s landscaping your gazebo will add value to your property and make it more attractive for potential buyers.


Partner with the Gazebo Specialists at Atlanta Porch & Patio

At Atlanta Porch & Patio we are dedicated to creating EXTRAORDINARY outdoor living spaces throughout the metro Atlanta area. Our mission is to turn our clients’ ideas, dreams, and visions into personalized, tangible outcomes to enjoy for years to come. We love to build and install gazebos that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our expert designers can create a stunning structure specifically suited to your outdoor space and our experienced builders will create a gazebo built to the highest standards. Call 678-398-7077, email, or contact us through our online form today to get started on adding a beautiful addition to your home with a gazebo that matches your personality and style.