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Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) Lumber

Although pressure treated lumber is protected against fungi and insects, regular maintenance such as staining and occasionally refinishing the wood is necessary. Freshly treated wood may take 1-6 months to dry naturally enough to be finished or stained. Staining new wood too soon can lead to paint blistering and peeling as the moisture tries to escape and some weather damage can occur during this seasoning period. A smarter option is to use Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) lumber. 

What is Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) Lumber?

After lumber is pressure washed at the saw mill, it is fully dried in a kiln to remove excess water left behind during the treatment process. The controlled environment of the kiln evenly dries the wood and minimizes its natural tendency to shrink, cup, and warp. This process prevents shrinkage and eliminates the need for seasoning after installation.

Benefits of Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) Lumber:

The ultimate advantage of KDAT lumber is that there’s no need to wait to stain or seal, meaning you can enjoy your deck or patio immediately. As a stiffer and more stable product, it offers dimensional stability which will minimize after-installation issues that occur when regular treated wood dries naturally. The lower weight of KDAT lumber contributes to improved handling, cutting and installation and it also offers increased nail holding power and compatibility with aluminum and carbon steel (black iron) fasteners. KDAT lumber provides a safe, clean, and environmentally sound product and some building codes may even require re-dried treated wood. It also guarantees a lifetime protection against termites, rot, and decay. As appealing as a composite deck, but with a completely natural look at a fraction of the price, nothing beats the appearance and long lasting quality of a deck built with KDAT pressure treated wood.

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