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Is fall a good time to install a paver patio?

Fall is the perfect time for installing a new paver patio. Spring rains mean muddy and messy installs but mild fall weather means your vegetation will receive less damage. The peak summer season sometimes means waiting weeks or months for your project to begin, but the fall season often has much quicker turnaround times—meaning you can enjoy your pave patio sooner!

Paver Patios: Strong, Flexible, and Long-Lasting

Clay brick, natural stone, or most commonly used concrete pavers, are available in a variety of sizes, colors, textures and patterns. When properly installed, the pavers create a strong system that flexes through freeze/thaw cycles, unlike solid surfaces which would crack in weaker spots. Keep in mind that using an inferior material may save you money initially but will likely end up costing you more longterm in repair costs.

Don’t DIY!

You may be considering installing your paver patio yourself to save some money but oftentimes the risks outweigh the savings. Your project requires a correctly compacted base, proper slope, and adequate drainage—a difficult trifecta for even the most dedicated DIY-er. A mistake in installation could lead to extra hours of hard work, uneven settling, and drainage issues that could compromise your homes foundation.

Choose the right paving contractor—choose Atlanta Porch & Patio

Let the expert design/build team at Atlanta Porch & Patio handle your professional paver patio installation. We will handle every detail of your project from the proper slope and preparation of the foundation to the final edging. We will listen to your needs and create a design plan (including size, layout, location, and materials) that works the best with your existing space and how you plan to use it. We will also work with you to create a detailed work schedule that suits your needs, including starting day, daily start and stop work times, and how many days it will take to complete your project. At Atlanta Porch & Patio, we take pride in creating extraordinary outdoor living spaces that are not only gorgeous but safe and secure by building to FL and CA codes for a safer outcome. Our mission is to turn our clientsideas, dreams, and visions into personalized, tangible outcomes to enjoy for years to come. Check out our documentation, accreditations, and stone and paver patio gallery, then contact us to request a FREE consultation for your paver patio project.