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Functional and Aesthetic: Retaining Walls Make Great Additions to Outdoor Spaces

Retaining walls can be incorporated into your outdoor space to serve both aesthetic or functional needs. In addition to preventing soil erosion and runoff, they can be used to level, enclose, or create a defined area; increase the usability of an existing space; add stability to sloped areas; accent different areas of your landscape; or provide transitions in elevation.


Materials, Shapes, and Terracing

Retaining wall materials can range from practical, bare concrete (popular in commercial properties) to more aesthetically-pleasing materials including natural stone, brick, manufactured block, keystone, rock, and wood. You can also incorporate a variety of colors and textures to suit your design scheme and outdoor environment. Retaining walls can be straight or they can have curves, waves, or scallop patterns integrated into their design. You can also incorporate terracing, especially when working with large slopes since a system of graduated retaining walls often works better for controlling erosion and drainage than a single, high retaining wall.


Additional Features

Beyond the practical addition of a retaining wall and the aesthetic aspects of differing materials, shapes, and terracing, additional features can boost the appeal of your new hardscaping. Consider adding fire or water features, planters, and outdoor art to create a retaining wall that perfectly blends functionality and artistic design.


Add a Retaining Wall to Your Space with Atlanta Porch & Patio

The ideal retaining wall should be the perfect balance of beauty and function and they should always be professionally installed by a company that can provide references and examples of their previous work. Atlanta Porch & Patio is dedicated to creating EXTRAORDINARY outdoor living spaces including retaining walls, porches, patios, sunrooms, and more throughout the metro Atlanta area. Our team of builders and craftsmen are licensed, insured, and always up to date on trends, products, designs, and building codes. Our mission is to turn our clients’ ideas, dreams, and visions into personalized, tangible outcomes to enjoy for years to come which is why we build to Florida and California code for a safer outcome. We are also totally transparent in every aspect of our work including our documentation. You can access our business license, builders license, certificate of insurance on our website as well as our warranty and numerous accreditations. Call us at 678-398-7077, send us an email, or request a free consultation through our online form to discuss your retaining wall ideas with us today!