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Fire It Up: Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can enhance ambiance, add a focal point, and set the tone for your outdoor living space. By providing light and heat, these fire features create a comfortable place to gather together as a family or to entertain outdoors from early spring until late fall—even during mild winter nights. They are also the perfect addition to a relaxing or romantic evening.


Fireplace or Fire Pit?

Ask yourself a few questions when determining whether a fireplace or fire pit best suits your needs:

  • Are you wanting to sit directly in front of the fire or around it?
  • Do you want to block winds and neighbors’ sight lines?
  • Do you want a beautiful architectural statement or an interactive structure?
  • Do you want smoke to be directed up and away with a chimney?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself to get started. The professional design/build team at Atlanta Porch & Patio will ask you additional questions to help you decide what is right for your home, family, and personal style.


Wood-Burning or Gas?

The smell of burning firewood may give feelings of comfort and nostalgia, but it permeates hair and clothing and the smoke can be irritating to eyes. Collecting/purchasing, hauling, and stacking firewood also takes time, energy, and money and some municipalities may not even allow wood burning. Gas fireplaces and fire pits are often chosen over wood burning options because they are smoke and spark free, controllable, and there’s no clean up.


Add a Fire Element to Your Outdoor Space with Atlanta Porch & Patio

A fire feature adds warmth and creates a destination where you can extend your patio season, which means even more special time with loved ones and more memories being made. Partner with a firm that has extensive design and building experience—Atlanta Porch & Patio. We can help you make the best decision for your style and space by considering a variety of factors and details such as existing structures like pergolas or pools and any additional surrounding landscape elements which may affect your choice on where and how to integrate a fire feature. Our team of builders and craftsmen are licensed, insured, and always up to date on trends, products, designs, and building codes. We want to turn your ideas, dreams, and visions into a personalized, tangible outcome that you will enjoy for years to come. Rest easy knowing that you have partnered with a firm that has designed and built a variety of custom fireplaces and fire pits to suit each client’s unique wants and needs. Are you ready to add a fire feature to your home’s outdoor space? Contact us today!