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Extend The Season: 3 Fall Additions for Your Outdoor Living Areas

Leaves are beginning to change and the feeling of fall is in the air, but the cooler months don’t mean you need to head indoors! Extend the outdoor season and maximize time spent in your outdoor living areas by incorporating a few updates and additions to your space.

Addition #1: Permanent Heat Sources

The most important consideration you should take into account is how to stay warm in your outdoor spaces as the weather grows cooler. Adding built-in, custom designed, permanent heat sources such as fireplaces, fire pits, and heat lamps will not only provide warmth but also a cozy ambiance. Fireplaces can transform your outdoor space by adding character to your home’s architecture and creating a grand focal point. Fire pits are generally lower to the ground, making them perfect for outdoor seating areas. Heat lamps provide an extremely reliable heat output and can be integrated in a variety of ways to keep all areas of your outdoor spaces warm.

Addition #2: Layers of Lighting

Supplement decreased daylight hours by incorporating lighting throughout your outdoor living spaces. Add lighting to the favorite aspects of your outdoor space and be sure to focus on areas that should be well lit for safety. Lighting sources can be a mix of functional or decorative and you should have multiple options to suit different moods and activities.

Addition #2: Screen in Living Spaces

Adding screens to your existing outdoor living area is a cost-effective way to extend the amount of time you spend outdoors this season. Screens can help regulate the temperature of your space, provide a bit of privacy between you and your neighbors or curious passerby, and protect your space from pesky bugs and larger nuisance animals like squirrels and raccoons. Adding screens can also protect your outdoor furniture and other belongings from exposure to the elements, meaning you won’t have to bring your furniture indoors when colder weather arrives.

Partner with Atlanta Porch & Patio to Update Your Outdoor Living Space This Fall

Invest in your home’s outdoor spaces now and reap the benefits for many seasons to come. Whether you are considering updating your existing outdoor living area or are planning to add an entirely new outdoor space to your home, partner with the design/build professionals at Atlanta Porch & Patio. Call us at 678-379-4225 or request a FREE consultation through our website to get started today!