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Creating Usable Space in Your Sloped Yard

As any Georgia homeowner would surely attest, hills are wonderful features that help to add interest and beauty to an otherwise flat and common yard. But at the same time, that same homeowner might also agree that those beautiful hills can cause some frustration when trying to use the yard in even the simplest of ways.


For example, steeper grades can sometimes make it harder to get grass to grow consistently, usually due to a couple of reasons. Because steeper hills can cause rain to runoff too quickly, not enough water gets absorbed into the soil, which can kill grass and cause bald patches in the lawn. That runoff can also wash away grass seed that hasn’t had a chance to take root before being swept away. In addition to making it harder to landscape, steep hills make outdoor living and entertaining difficult because there’s no level ground or space where you can place outdoor furniture to create a proper sitting or gathering area. If these problems sound familiar to you, take heart. There are some things you can do in your sloped yard to reclaim and cultivate the outdoor space you desire.


Terrace the Ground

A concept nearly as old as the ground itself, terracing has been used in agriculture for centuries to transform sloped land into a series of receding flat surfaces, resembling steps, to make the ground better for farming. In a yard, terracing creates interest and allows for some creativity when it comes to landscaping. Not only can you create specific areas for flower beds, shrubs, and gardens, but you can also carve out wonderful spaces for a sitting area or outdoor fire pit.


Stone Walls

Whether built with mortar or simply dry-stacked, stone walls are also a great way to carve out wonderful yard spaces that provide both form and function. Another centuries-old practice, stone walls have been used to beautify and cultivate sloped land that would otherwise be difficult to make use of. In some cases, a stacked stone wall can be used to retain land, preventing erosion. In other applications, a stone wall can be used to mark boundaries and create intimate gathering spaces within the yard. In addition, you can match the color and texture of the stone to coordinate with your home’s exterior, adding to its curb appeal.


Raised Beds and Gardens

Stone walls can also be used to create raised beds and gardens where sloped ground would make growing anything difficult. Whether you use the walls to create raised flower beds or perhaps even an edible garden, stacked stone walls are a simple and effective way to improve your yard’s usability and visual appeal without having to dig into the yard, saving you time and money.


At Atlanta Porch & Patio, we’ve been helping Atlanta-area homeowners enhance their North Georgia landscapes for years. With a team of experts to call on, we pride ourselves on taking a personal, consultative approach to each and every project to create a space that’s as unique as the homeowner and their desires. No matter if it’s a deck, porch, patio, sunroom, or any one of our other home improvement specialties, you can call on Atlanta Porch & Patio to deliver the ultimate professional experience and result.