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Common Porch Problems and Solutions

Porches are subject to all weather conditions and if they are not properly maintained they will quickly deteriorate. This can lead to your porch not only becoming unattractive, but also unusable and possibly dangerous. Here are a few common porch problems to look out for:

Poor Foundation

Sagging and settled porches often lack a solid foundation. To fix this problem your porch’s foundation will be required to meet local building codes which will take into account the area climate, soil, and geologic conditions. Proper slope of the soil underneath your porch will also direct water away from your home, helping to avoid floor damage and mold issues.

Rotting Posts, Columns, and Railings

Posts and columns support the roof around your porch and act as anchors for attached railings. Non-solid wood posts and columns should be vented at their tops and bottoms and wood posts and columns should not come in direct contact with the wood floor of your porch. Railings frequently come loose and are the most common porch repair due to the safety issue they cause.

Aging or Damaged Flooring Materials

Subpar or aged flooring materials present another safety hazard. Your porch needs a durable, element-resistant floor that also complements your home. Rot-resistant wood, composite flooring, brick, stone, poured or stamped concrete, and ceramic tile are all great choices but you should take into account your porch’s foundation and location, the pros and cons of each material, and your desired aesthetic outcome when making your decision.

Neglected and In Need of Upgrades

Sometimes your porch is simply neglected because it doesn’t fit your personal needs with its size, layout, or location. It may also only need a few small repairs and a new coat of paint to bring it back to life. The easiest way to figure out what your porch needs is to make a list of reasons why you and your family don’t spend more time on your porch. Do insects bother you when you try to relax? Is it too shady or too sunny? Is there not enough privacy? Once you identify what isn’t working, you can decide what you want in your new or upgraded porch.

Let Atlanta Porch & Patio Upgrade Your Existing Porch or Build You a New One

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home’s curb appeal or you want to make your porch more functional for you family’s lifestyle, Atlanta Porch & Patio can help. Let us make your porch your new favorite feature of your home, contact us today.