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A Quality Outdoor Space for Increased Quality Time  

Have you ever looked around your cramped living area and thought that if you could only have a little bit more room for you, your family, and your friends to stretch out and relax, you might hang out a lot more? Perhaps even enjoy yourselves a whole lot more? Sure, you love every minute of […]

Add a Natural Stone Patio to Your Home This Season

Stone patios are beautiful, long-lasting, and durable hardscape additions. Usually requiring more upfront expense than decking, these outdoor additions are valuable long-term investments.   Types/Installation Stone patios are generally defined by how they are installed. Dry-laid stone patios are constructed by laying pavers on a compacted base of sand and gravel with small gaps between […]

Extend The Season: 3 Fall Additions for Your Outdoor Living Areas

Leaves are beginning to change and the feeling of fall is in the air, but the cooler months don’t mean you need to head indoors! Extend the outdoor season and maximize time spent in your outdoor living areas by incorporating a few updates and additions to your space. Addition #1: Permanent Heat Sources The most […]

Staycation Style: Resort-Inspired Backyard Retreats

Does your backyard offer a space to relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself? Imagine stepping out your back door and being transported to a luxurious resort-style retreat. By incorporating a few thoughtful design elements such as soft lighting, calming sounds, and inviting relaxation areas, you can transform your previously basic backyard into your own private vacation […]

Spring Project Planning

It is definitely not too early to start your spring project planning. Warmer weather is right around the corner and will be here sooner than you think. If you are ready to transform your home’s outdoor areas into relaxing havens or welcoming spaces to entertain, dine, and play, Atlanta Porch & Patio is here to […]

Add Holiday Gathering Spaces to your Your Home

The holiday season is here! Now is the time for parties, gatherings, celebratory dinners, and gift exchanges. As much as you may love having all your friends and family come to your home for the holidays, your space may begin to feel more cramped than cozy. The solution to this problem is not to cut […]

Celebrate the Holidays in Your New Sunroom

The holidays are often a busy time for homes. Overnight guests, family gatherings, and celebratory dinners are regular occurrences…but where will they all take place? Adding a sunroom to your home creates a flexible space that can changed to suit your needs. Set up your dining table in your new sunroom for your holiday feast […]

Is fall a good time to install a paver patio?

Fall is the perfect time for installing a new paver patio. Spring rains mean muddy and messy installs but mild fall weather means your vegetation will receive less damage. The peak summer season sometimes means waiting weeks or months for your project to begin, but the fall season often has much quicker turnaround times—meaning you […]

Fire It Up: Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can enhance ambiance, add a focal point, and set the tone for your outdoor living space. By providing light and heat, these fire features create a comfortable place to gather together as a family or to entertain outdoors from early spring until late fall—even during mild winter nights. […]

“Fall” in Love with Your New Front Porch

Are you ready to decorate your outdoor areas for fall, but your porch is in need of some serious upgrading? Maybe your front porch has deteriorated over the years, is tiny, or even non-existent. Trust the design build team at Atlanta Porch & Patio to give you the front porch of your dreams this fall. […]