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ATL Porch & Patio – An Amazing Outdoor Living Space in Time for Spring? Yes!

Not only do home improvement projects enhance your home’s aesthetics and value, but they also enhance your lifestyle and the way you and your family live in your home. New or rehabbed outdoor spaces not only add to your existing living space, but they can also provide new ways to entertain or hang with friends […]

Stack Your Deck and Add to Your Home’s Value

For the average American, a house is by far the most expensive purchase they’ll ever make in their lifetime. The choice of which home to purchase is an important one that carries with it a great deal of thought and consideration. In addition, any home improvements made will help add to the home’s value, which […]

Prepare Your Outdoor Living Spaces for Fall with New Fire Features

Providing light and heat, fire features create a comfortable place to gather together as a family or to entertain outdoors from early spring until late fall, even during mild winter nights. Enhance ambiance, add a focal point, and set the tone for your outdoor living space by adding a fire pit or fireplace to your […]

Add a Sunroom to Your Home This Spring!

Evolved as conversions of porches and patios, sunrooms allow you to enjoy your views of the outdoors while still experiencing the comforts of your home. Sunrooms can increase your home’s value and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as an extended family room, a home office, a dining room, television or […]

Upgrading Your Existing Deck into Your Dream Deck in 2021

Is your deck neglected because it’s too small, not versatile enough, or has fallen into disrepair? If so, then it is time to upgrade this outdoor space to suit your lifestyle. Ask yourself what you would like to use this area for. Would you like to do more grilling or outdoor dining? You may want […]

Functional and Aesthetic: Retaining Walls Make Great Additions to Outdoor Spaces

Retaining walls can be incorporated into your outdoor space to serve both aesthetic or functional needs. In addition to preventing soil erosion and runoff, they can be used to level, enclose, or create a defined area; increase the usability of an existing space; add stability to sloped areas; accent different areas of your landscape; or […]

5 Hot Trends to Incorporate into Your Deck Project

This year, many of us have learned the wonderful benefits an outdoor living area can provide. A comfortable and welcoming place has become even more important during a year when we have all been home more than ever. Adding a new deck or upgrading your existing deck can extend your home’s dining, relaxing, and future […]

The Dangers of Water Damage to Your Wood Decks

Water in your yard or on your hardscape and outdoor structures may seem harmless, but it can slowly cause damage. You may notice a small puddle on your deck one day and the next day it’s gone. Day after day and week after week this could be happening but you don’t pay much attention. Unfortunately, […]

Reclaim Your Front Porch  

Front porches used to be the main spots for relaxing and checking out what was going on in the neighborhood, but modern, busy lifestyles often keep us from this simple joy.  Atlanta Porch & Patio challenges you to reclaim your front porch by grabbing a tall glass of lemonade and enjoy the evening breeze, socializing […]

Add Natural Stone Features to Your Outdoor Living Areas

Praised for its timeless elegance, strength, and durability natural stone has been a favorite building material across the world for centuries and is now widely embraced in commercial and residential construction and decor. Adding natural stone to outdoor kitchens and bars; water and fire features; stone benches and built-in planters; or retaining, terraced, or accent […]