Stack Your Deck and Add to Your Home’s Value

For the average American, a house is by far the most expensive purchase they’ll ever make in their lifetime. The choice of which home to [...]

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A Raging Debate: Outdoor Fireplace or Outdoor Fire Pit?

If you’re like most homeowners catching on to the growing hardscaping trend, you might be considering expanding an existing outdoor space or creating an all [...]

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A Quality Outdoor Space for Increased Quality Time  

Have you ever looked around your cramped living area and thought that if you could only have a little bit more room for you, your [...]

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Outdoor Fireplaces are In!

Given that we have the great fortune of living in a mild fall climate here in Georgia, it only seems natural that we make a [...]

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Prepare Your Outdoor Living Spaces for Fall with New Fire Features

Providing light and heat, fire features create a comfortable place to gather together as a family or to entertain outdoors from early spring until late [...]

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Are You Ready for Your Perfect Pergola?

Add immediate shade to your outdoor living area with a pergola. Fully customizable to provide various degrees of sun and weather protection, pergolas are versatile additions [...]

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Summer 2021: What’s Hot in Outdoor Living

In 2020, homeowners adjusted to the new normal by reimagining the use of their outdoor spaces. This year, homeowners are maximizing their backyards, decks, porches, [...]

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“Green” Wood Options for Your Decks, Porches, and Patios

Modern homeowners are more focused than ever on reducing their carbon footprints and protecting their families from toxic materials. Choosing green building materials not only [...]

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What to Consider Before Adding a Patio to Your Home

Patios are perfect spots for daily family gatherings, backyard barbecues with all your friends, or to simply relax. If you ready to upgrade your outdoor [...]

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Add a Sunroom to Your Home This Spring!

Evolved as conversions of porches and patios, sunrooms allow you to enjoy your views of the outdoors while still experiencing the comforts of your home. [...]

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