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Benefits of Screened Porches

The perfect blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, screened porches offer a welcome respite from the scorching sun, a sudden rain shower, or pesky insects. A screened porch can also pump up curb appeal and add value to your home while providing you and your family a comfortable space to relax and entertain. Here are just a few benefits you will enjoy with a screened porch:

Extend Your Living Space

Decks, patios, and open porches often go unused due to their constant exposure to the elements, while screened porches provide the feeling of being outdoors along with the comforts of an indoor living space. Cohesive designs can even create a seamless transition between your home’s interior and its screened porch, preventing a sense of separation between spaces.

Insect, Wildlife, and Debris Barrier

In the comfort of a screened porch you, your family, and your guests can relax and dine without the worry of pesky insects swarming, biting, and stinging. The screens are also  a barrier to larger wildlife that may enjoy roaming nearby like neighborhood pets, squirrels, and raccoons. Screened porches also require less clean up than open porches, patios, and decks due to the barrier between leaves, twigs, and other flying debris.

Year Round Use

No need to abandon your screened porch when the weather takes a turn or winter rolls around. With a few additions this space can be used year round. Add a wood stove or fireplace to create a comfy and cozy gathering spot when the temperatures drop and add a ceiling fan to cool off your space during the summer months.

Entertain and Relax

A screened porch provides a perfect entertaining spot where your friends, family, and neighbors can gather to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. A screened porch is also the perfect spot to escape and relax, read a book, or take a nap.

Screened-In Porches Can Evolve With Your Needs

Your screened porch can change and adapt to your needs through the years. You may start with using it as an outdoor office, then change it to a play space for your children, and then it may become everyone’s favorite spot to watch their favorite television shows. By creating a fully functioning indoor/outdoor room your screened porch can always provide exactly what you need.

Add a Screened Porch from Atlanta Porch & Patio to Your Home

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