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Benefits of Adding a Front Porch to Your Home

Are you looking to add an attractive and comfortable space where you, your family, and friends can enjoy the outdoors? Adding a front porch to your Atlanta home is a smart investment that is sure to get plenty of use—possibly year-round! Adding a front porch also provides:

Additional Living Space

Building a front porch is like adding a new living room to your home, especially when you add comfortable seating and details like ceiling fans and entertainment/stereo systems. Small porches create a quiet space for one or two people, and larger porches can be used a variety of ways including dining and entertaining.

Increased Curb Appeal

A beautiful and inviting front porch can improve the aesthetics of your property by complementing your home’s style. This impressive entrance will become the main focal point of your home’s exterior, which will enhance its curb appeal.

Added Value

First impressions translate into added value. Listing sites and realtors will focus on the functionality and curb appeal your front porch provides when showing your home to potential buyers, often translating to a higher selling price.

Protection from the Elements

A front porch provides protection from damaging sun and rain for your front door, trim, hardware, exterior lighting fixtures, and foyer. It will also provide a dry, protected covering for you (no standing in the rain fumbling to lock/unlock your front door) and your guests (no standing in the rain waiting for you to answer the doorbell).

A Cleaner, More Organized Home

A sheltered front porch is an ideal place for storing your shoes and coats, eliminating mess and clutter in your home. By taking off shoes on your front porch, you can also cut down on dirt and debris being tracked onto your home’s interior floors.

A Social Center

A front porch creates a place to socialize and entertain, keep watch over children at play, and meet passing neighbors. Plus, active front porches may deter criminal activity since you are able to see and hear what is going on in the neighborhood.

Partner with Atlanta Porch & Patio to Create Your Perfect Front Porch

From small slabs of concrete to elaborate additions, Atlanta Porch & Patio can create the front porch of your dreams. We can seamlessly integrate your front porch into your existing home design and we are always knowledgable of building codes such as foundation and setback requirements. Check out some of our previous front porch projects and read our reviews, then contact us at 678-379-4225 or fill our free consultation request form to get started with your front porch project today.