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ATL Porch & Patio – An Amazing Outdoor Living Space in Time for Spring? Yes!

Not only do home improvement projects enhance your home’s aesthetics and value, but they also enhance your lifestyle and the way you and your family live in your home. New or rehabbed outdoor spaces not only add to your existing living space, but they can also provide new ways to entertain or hang with friends and family. Whether it’s a custom-built porch, patio, deck, sunroom, or any other type of outdoor feature, there’s a project to suit every home and budget for maximum enjoyment and pleasure.

With just a little over a month to go before the official arrival of spring, this is the perfect time for Georgia homeowners to make the move toward creating an extraordinary outdoor space. No matter if you’ve been considering an outdoor addition or update for some time or if you’re only beginning to consider it as you read these words, here are just a few reasons why now may be the best time to do it.

Natural Advantages

Despite the colder weather, now is a good time to start an outdoor home improvement project because of several factors pertaining to nature and its cycle. Dormant greenery can better withstand the increased activity and traffic in your yard, lessening the potential damage to your yard and landscaping. The Georgia soil is also colder and firmer, which makes it easier to dig into and work with. The drier air also makes it a great time to pour and cure concrete. Speaking of dry, beginning a project now means that you could have work completed before the spring showers arrive, eliminating wasted days of inactivity due to rain.

Get Maximum Outdoor Time with a Head Start on Spring

Let’s face it, once that warm weather arrives, we Georgians immediately rush outdoors to soak up all the new warmth and sunshine. As if shot out of a cannon, we can’t wait to get out of our indoor stupor to soak up some warm rays and cool breezes. Getting the work done before spring arrives means that you can make the most of every single gorgeous day, with no downtime. Your brand-new living space is complete and ready to go as soon as the warmer weather arrives.

Easier to Schedule Work

Because spring is traditionally the busiest time of year for most contractors and builders, homeowners can avoid the rush by starting a project as soon as possible prior to the arrival of spring. Higher demand means tighter schedules and limited availability. Also, when you consider the basic law of supply and demand, it’s not hard to imagine that you might pay a premium for labor and building materials.


No matter the time of year or the outdoor home improvement project you may be considering, one thing is clear — Atlanta Porch & Patio is the trusted choice to make your dream and vision for your outdoor space a reality. Contact us for a FREE, no-obligation consultation and see how the pros at Atlanta Porch & Patio can help you make the most of your home, your investment, and your lifestyle.