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Add Another Dimension to Your Outdoor Living Space with a Water Feature

Bring a fresh, natural element to your outdoor living space by adding water features such as ponds or fountains. Water contributes to the overall design and function of an outdoor landscape by adding sound, movement, and texture, as well as aesthetic appeal.

Soothing Sounds

The soothing sound of running water is a natural psychological relaxant, providing meditative benefits that help you unwind. Its sound further reduces stress by drowning out other possibly irritating nearby sounds, such as traffic, construction, neighborhood noise, and barking dogs.

Provide Fresh Water for Wildlife, Birds, and Pets

All living creatures need water meaning your water feature will not only attract area wildlife for a cool, refreshing drink, it will also enhance your local ecosystem. A source of fresh water will attract your four-legged family members, dragonflies, butterflies, birds and, depending on where you live, squirrels, frogs, deer, rabbits and various other wildlife.

Health and Wellness

Water features add humidity and serve as natural air purifiers by attracting and removing dust and allergens from the air. They also lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress, and improve your physical and mental health. Flowing water can also produce negative ions, which are believed to increase serotonin production, alleviate depression, and boost energy.

Water Conservation

Most dirt landscaping plants and grass lawns require large amounts of water. While your water feature will require many gallons of water to initially fill, going forward it will take less water to maintain than the plants or expanse of lawn that it replaced.

Ideal for Small or Unused Spaces

You can still enjoy the sound of water, even in a smaller space. Often, small or awkwardly shaped spaces are the best places to put water features. You can transform a previously unused area of your property into an eye-pleasing, beautiful focal point.

Make your home stand out with a completely customized water feature. Add a waterfall at the front of your house, gurgling fountains to create a path along the side of your home, or transform your backyard with a tranquil pond. Contact Atlanta Porch and Patio today to discuss adding a low-maintenance, one-of-a-kind water element to your home. We can create your ideal outdoor vision or we have multiple ideas for creating a unique, peaceful atmosphere by incorporating water features into your landscaping.