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Add an Outdoor Fireplace to Make the Most of Autumn

You don’t have to be inside to enjoy the warm and luxurious glow of a fireplace. An outdoor fireplace offers you the same benefits as an indoor one, while anchoring your home’s outdoor space.

Extend Your Outdoor Season

Extend the seasonal enjoyment of your deck, porch, or patio with an inviting outdoor fireplace. No need to move indoors when the temperature drops, family and friends can gather around your stunning outdoor focal point for comfort and warmth.

Increase Your Property Value
If you plan to eventually sell your property, an outdoor fireplace is a popular selling point. Resale value is boosted when potential buyers imagine themselves gathered around this desirable outdoor feature.

Add Space for Entertaining, Relaxing, and Family Time
A roaring fire is hard to resist. From entertaining a group of your friends, to enjoying a quiet glass of wine with your significant other, to chatting with your family; the calm, peaceful ambiance of an outdoor fireplace makes your yard the place everyone wants to be.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

A wood-burning outdoor fireplace has the allure and romance of a campfire. It is also a bit simpler (and often less expensive) to install a wood-burning fireplace due to the fact that no gas line has to be run. However, wood fireplaces may not be usable in some areas and/or there may be environmental restrictions placed on wood burning some days of the year.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are easy to clean, free of smoke and sparks, and their output is reliable and easy to control. They may cost more than wood-burning fireplaces, due to the fact they must be in close proximity to a gas line. Meaning, the farther from your house you want your gas fireplace, the more expensive your project may be.

Trust The Outdoor Fireplace Professionals at Atlanta Porch & Patio

Turn an empty outdoor space into a focal point of your home. At Atlanta Porch & Patio, we have hundreds of ideas about turning your space into the ultimate outdoor destination by adding an outdoor fireplace, plus we are always knowledgeable and up to date on all necessary building and safety codes. Are you ready to roast some marshmallows with the kids or relax with an evening cocktail around your new outdoor fireplace? Then give us a call today. Let’s add an outdoor fireplace to your space so you can make the most of this autumn and many seasons to come.