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Add a Sunroom to Your Home This Spring!

Evolved as conversions of porches and patios, sunrooms allow you to enjoy your views of the outdoors while still experiencing the comforts of your home. Sunrooms can increase your home’s value and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as an extended family room, a home office, a dining room, television or music room, a home gym, children’s play area—there is no end to the possibilities. These glassed-in multi-weather living spaces are distinct rooms offering abundant natural light, outdoor access, and can be created to meet your unique needs.


3 Season Sunrooms

Designed to be used in the warmer months of spring, summer and fall, a 3 season sunroom is often a great option for most metro Atlanta homes since we don’t experience harsh winters. 3 season sunrooms are less costly (about 40-50% less) than 4 season sunrooms because they are not connected to your home’s HVAC system.  Fans and temporary space heaters are often used to help regulate the temperatures in the space.


4 Season Sunrooms

4 season sunrooms can be used year round and because they are designed as an extension of your home’s living space they’re not separated by doors. 4 season sunrooms are air-conditioned, heated, and have more insulation than 3 season rooms (which in some cases have none). This type of sunroom must follow the same building codes as a standard room addition, meaning it will be more expensive and take longer to construct than a 3 season sunroom, but it will also increase your property’s value more than a 3 season room.


Your Sunroom’s Location

The first critical step in your project is deciding on the best location for your sunroom. Sunrooms are typically located on the sides or backs of homes, and occasionally to the fronts of homes. An east-facing sunroom will allow you to watch each morning’s sunrise and enjoy shade for the rest of the day. A west-facing sunroom will likely need shade in the afternoons. A north-facing sunroom will provide filtered light throughout the day without harsh direct sunlight whereas a south-facing sunroom will likely heat up fast and often need additional cooling.


Get Started on Your Sunroom Project Today

Sunrooms connect your home with the outdoors while protecting you from the elements, allowing you to simultaneously enjoy the benefits of indoor and outdoor living. At Atlanta Porch & Patio we are dedicated to adding awesome additions to our clients’ homes every day. By adding a deck, patio, porch, or sunroom to your home you are not only adding a great place to relax and entertain, you are also adding beauty and value to your home. We would love to discuss all of your ideas and answer any questions you may have. View our online portfolio, then call our office at 678-379-4225 or use our online form to discuss your sunroom project today!