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Add a Natural Stone Patio to Your Home This Season

Stone patios are beautiful, long-lasting, and durable hardscape additions. Usually requiring more upfront expense than decking, these outdoor additions are valuable long-term investments.



Stone patios are generally defined by how they are installed. Dry-laid stone patios are constructed by laying pavers on a compacted base of sand and gravel with small gaps between each paver that are filled with sand, gravel, stone dust, or another material. This type of stone patio maintains flexibility over time and shifts are much easier to correct since stones are not mortared in place. Wet-laid stone patios are constructed with pavers set on a concrete base or other mortar surface and then permanently mortared together, leaving no gaps. This type of patio is more expensive to install but creates a smooth, durable surface that can better withstand heavy traffic.


Size and Location

Consider how you would like to use your space when determining the size and location of your stone patio. A single large patio may work for your space or several smaller patios may better suit your needs. A patio close to your home is ideal for outdoor entertaining, dining, and cooking while patios set farther away from your home become become relaxing destinations. You will also want to consider factors such as how much shade and sun the potential areas receive.



You have a large variety of material options for your stone patio, from natural stone pavers and precast concrete pavers to cut stone and flagstone. The materials you choose will determine the the time and cost of installation as well as the resulting overall aesthetic. For example, precast concrete pavers can be one of the most inexpensive options while irregular flagstones will like be a more expensive option due to the time it takes to fit the slabs together.


Choose the Best Team for Your Natural Stone Patio Project

Let the expert design/build team at Atlanta Porch & Patio make your natural stone patio dreams come true. We will handle every detail of your natural stone patio project from the proper slope and preparation of the foundation to the final edging. We will listen to your needs and create a design plan (including size, layout, location, and materials) that works the best with your existing space and how you plan to use it. Check out our documentation, accreditations, and stone and paver patio gallery, then contact us to request a FREE consultation for your natural stone patio project.