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A Quality Outdoor Space for Increased Quality Time  

Have you ever looked around your cramped living area and thought that if you could only have a little bit more room for you, your family, and your friends to stretch out and relax, you might hang out a lot more? Perhaps even enjoy yourselves a whole lot more? Sure, you love every minute of the time you get to spend together, but has the lack of extra space to host and entertain friends and family “cramped” your social activity and/or quality family time? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, perhaps it’s past time to consider extending your usable living space into the great outdoors.


If you’ve been thinking about joining the current trend of homeowners who have extended their living rooms and living spaces beyond their four interior walls, fall is a great time for you to get your outdoor space in order. With the sweltering heat of summer off the forecast, and the cooler temps and drier fall air taking its place, there are plenty of great times to be had on a beautiful and professionally designed outdoor patio or covered porch from Atlanta Porch & Patio. From outdoor seating areas such as decks. shade structures, and covered porches, to exquisite stone creations such as fireplaces, firepits, kitchens, and nearly anything else you can imagine, Atlanta Porch & Patio can help you dream, create, and build the outdoor space of your dreams.


Covered Porch

One great way to take a classic Southern staple such as the covered porch to a new, modern level is to create an outdoor entertainment area. Combining all the conveniences of a living room (TVs, home theater-quality sound, video games, wireless outdoor Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi, etc.) with all the beauty of being outdoors, it’s easier than ever to create the perfect spot to gather family and friends for movie nights and sporting events.


Decks and Patios

Having an outdoor patio or deck is one of the most underrated conveniences that a homeowner can have. Not only does it increase your living space to allow for more guests and their comfort, but it’s also the perfect area for hosting barbecues, cookouts, and every party time gathering imaginable. Not only is it a relatively low-maintenance area of the home, but it also allows you to avoid the dreaded task of prepping and polishing the inside of the home for all your guests anytime you want to have a group over.


At Atlanta Porch & Patio, we’ve dedicated our existence to creating the most extraordinary, upscale, outdoor living spaces for homeowners across the Greater Metro Atlanta area. We understand what your home means to you and your family and how important it is to you and yours to have a space that’s not only comfortable and inviting, but also as unique as you are. Atlanta Porch & Patio not only understands your needs, but has the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality — on time and within your budget. So take a moment today and request a FREE, no-obligation consultation with one of our experts to discuss all your ideas and concerns regarding making the most of your outdoor opportunity!.