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5 Hot Trends to Incorporate into Your Deck Project

This year, many of us have learned the wonderful benefits an outdoor living area can provide. A comfortable and welcoming place has become even more important during a year when we have all been home more than ever. Adding a new deck or upgrading your existing deck can extend your home’s dining, relaxing, and future entertaining spaces. At Atlanta Porch & Patio we are always on top of the latest building and design ideas. Here are a few trends you may want to incorporate into your new or updated deck.


  1. Natural Wood Elements

After years of cool grays, traditional wood decking is making a return. From darker tones (teak, walnut) to lighter shades (cedar, tigerwood) and renewable options (bamboo), a natural wood deck is a timeless trend.


  1. Composite Decking

Environmentally sustainable and long-lasting composite decking can expertly mimic premium natural materials. A composite deck may have a higher initial cost but you’ll save money over the lifespan of the deck due to its lack of maintenance needs.


  1. Varied-Plank Decking

Traditional vertical/horizontal decking is taking a back seat to varied-plank decking. This expressive approach adds a contemporary flair to deck design by blending thicker and thinner boards together, mixed materials (traditional wood, composite), picture framing, inserts and inlays, breaker boards, and/or unique skirting to create a one-of-a-kind look.


  1. Glass and Cable Railing

When it comes to deck railings, homeowners have been steering away from bulky “fence-like” railings and looking for sleeker options that offer clear and unobstructed views while still adhering to safety standards. Glass and cable railings have become very popular due to their ability to couple visual transparency with security.


  1. Under Deck Spaces

Previously used simply for storage, under deck spaces are being transformed into additional living spaces. Protected from the sun and harsh elements, a popular option is to create a new seating area but the options are endless. This area can be used as kids play areas, dog kennels, shade gardens, or for storing lawn furniture, outdoor toys, sports equipment, cushions, pool covers, lumber, bikes, tools, and other items.


Atlanta Porch & Patio

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